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Kontomo is a mobile app and web app service that bridges the gap between the Presenter, Artist, and Eventgoer.

Kontomo is an interactive digital playbill tool that a presenter (i.e., the entity responsible for the artistic direction of the concert/event) distributes on-site to the eventgoer’s smartphone via a mobile app.

Kontomo enables Eventgoers to interact anonymously without the need to create an account. And the Presenter and/or Artist(s) can follow-up on that feedback one-to-all or one-on-one!

Web app for Presenters and Artists

An easy-to-use playbill creation and deployment system.

Web app for Presenters and Artists

The ability to control the playbill during the concert/event.

Web app for Presenters and Artists

The ability to moderate the digital greenroom.

Mobile app for Eventgoers

Anonymous, with no account creation necessary.

Mobile app for Eventgoers

A private memento of the event, stored in the app.


Contact us to use

Kontomo is in limited roll-out.
If you are interested in using Kontomo, please contact us with your name and email, and we will get in touch with you.