Kontomo is a digital playbill publishing system that enables a host/promoter (Presenter) to distribute digital interactive playbills on-site to a mobile app, and then interact one-to-all or one-on-one with anonymous recipients of the brochure through a virtual greenroom. The performing arts industry is at least $32 billion in the U.S. alone. Kontomo is developing a content delivery, anonymous feedback, and feedback reply solution. Kontomo has a working prototype for both mobile and webapp with the interest of several performing arts presenters. Kontomo is seeking to raise $1 million to bring Kontomo into the hands of at least 1000 active presenters and artists worldwide

The Kontomo Team

Founder & CEO

Ray Iwazumi

Ray Iwazumi comes from a successful career as concert classical violinist, presenter, and musicologist, is on faculty at The Juilliard School and is an editor for G. Henle Verlag. He has also worked as a consultant at Judith Finell MusicServices. He has a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Juilliard, and is also a graduate with “highest distinction” from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (Belgium).

In 2017, a fan club, Friends of Ray iwazumi, was created to explore the idea of “audience development.” And after a year of intense research, the core idea for Kontomo was born. Since then, with the help of Bryan and Ji Young, and the Founder Institute startup accelerator program, Kontomo is no longer just an idea but a reality.

Ray loves the performing arts, the intangibles of culture, coffee, and BBQ.

Ray Iwazumi (photo: Damiano ROSA)

Creative Technologist

Android and Web Developer​

Bryan Hsu

Bryan Hsu is a creative technologist specializing in immersive and interactive experiences. A recent graduate of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, Bryan looks for new ways to open new perspectives through emerging technology.

At Kontomo, Bryan is developing the web platform, and contributes his crazy ideas for the future of Kontomo.

Bryan loves indie films and coffee ice cream.

Creative Technologist

iOS and Web Developer

Ji Young Chun

Ji Young Chun is a creative technologist and interaction designer based in New York. She fell in love with art, design, math, and science in her native South Korea and studied in NJ, NC, and NY, expanding her passion into architecture and technology. She is passionate about creating engaging interactive experiences. A recent graduate of ITP at NYU, she strives to help people enrich their lives with beauty and fun. Ji Young views herself as a surrealist and a visionary inviting people to a new world that lies between the physical and virtual space. 

At Kontomo, Ji Young is developing the mobile app and UI/UX. She brainstorms ideas together with the team for the successful future of Kontomo!

Ji Young loves food, beauty, colorful things, and nature.